It's Green, It Shoots, It's...
Our new robot!
Well it's not exactly new, unfortunately this website designer has not been on the ball, er, block, for updates lately and I apologize. We have been working hard on this years robot as well as multiple outreach opportunities.
For the first year since I've been on the team our robot is capable of doing every task set before it. Although accuracy is an issue we're working and constantly improving. We head out to Shadyside Academy today to help set up for a tournament tomorrow, our third this year. At the first we were awarded with the Connect award for our three tiered outreach approach and our work with sponsors, the second was the Rockwell Collins Innovate for our unique shooter, we are hoping this competition will give us a slot in States.
On the outreach side of things we have visited two of our FLL friends and the three we know have made it to the Pennsylvania Championship, congrats and good luck to 42, Electric Eagles, and "Not the Droids You're Looking For". We have opened our field for the use of an FTC team that doesn't have room for one of their own, and demo'd Oliver for our sponsors Extrel all the while drafting a proposal to return to Guatemala. As you can read we've been busy, but we don't want it to slow down one bit.
-The Terabytes