Each season FTC designs a new challenge for it's teams resulting in a new robot every year. This years game is called Cascade Effect.

The Field consists of:

120 golf ball sized plastic balls and 40 baseball sized plastic balls.

A center goal, with kickstands to release the balls, and a goal for each alliance

A ramp and a parking zone for each alliance.

3 different sized rolling tube goals for each alliance.

This is the Challenge:

30 second autonomous (pre-programing only)

One robot from each alliance will start on the ramp while the other will start in the parking zone.

Each robot gets two balls, one large and one small, these are placed on the robots before the game begins. Teams can score the balls in their center goal using IR beacons to triangulate position or score the balls in a rolling goal or even, roll the goals into the parking zone. They can also trip the kickstand to release the "Cascade Effect".

2 Minute driver control period

The robots can collect balls off the floor (no more than five at a time) and score them in the rolling goals.

End-Game (The last 30 seconds of driver control)

Continue game play, As well as moving the rolling goals into the parking zone or getting them up off the ground, either by placing them on the ramp or lifting them. Teams may also score in the center goals at this time.

To learn more check out the game at the official FIRST website.

Also watch This Video of the game.